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"It takes twice the man to ride half the bike." But really I myself am just a man. I have a DEEP passion for the wheel. Mechanically as well as artistically I appreciate it increadibly so.... I volunteer with the Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen on Thursdays between 6 and 9 PM.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Walk The Wheel is kicking off Yay!

Hello there,

   I have a vision for a site called "walk the wheel".  Simple idea.....  It's all about the wheel, and everything about the wheel.

   Well in my recent adventures in life on this planet, I have moved from Seattle, Wa back to Sacramento, Ca to the land in which I grew up.  My move was bitter sweet, as I love Washington state.  I have been involved in many things in my life and one of those things that I do tend to do is attempt giving back to the community that surrounds me.  I like to volunteer.  This page is dedicated to all cyclists, not just those on Bicycles.  I myself have been riding unicycle's for 20 years.  So when you ride a track bicycle as a purest don't bag on the gears is what I say....  I've heard the saying "Gears are for Queers"????  Well I say "It takes twice the man to ride half the bike".  Getting over this gear thing, is a good idea I believe.  This coming from someone whom was commuting in Seattle on a track bike for some time as well as a unicycle the entirety of my 8 year stay.  For those of you whom are familiar with the Seattle area, you will realize it's not like Sacramento.  Sac is FLAT.

   Well moving on from this...  I welcome you to WALK THE WHEEL with open handlebars.  Well you now know I don't need them.  Come one, Come two, or Come ten wheels, so long as it's man powered.  I'm even cool with those moped bicycle thingies.  My whole thing is about wheels with pedals.

   So I will share with you a picture of one of my bicycles.

This is my Tandem.  The most recent addition to my collection I bought it for my 10 year old boy Alex.
   Things that we like to do include going places, checking out the educational things in life. What better way for a parent to commute than a tandem? I highly recommend getting one for all of those parents out there. You and your child can get some well needed exercise. I know I need it.  I am considering putting an electric hub on this beast however.  My reasoning for this is it gets rather tiring commuting a ten year old between Sacramento and Roseville via tandem when he is tired from a long outing.  Might be nice to have that little kicker motor on there.  I like that the Tandem is GREEN!  I've actually been thinking about powder coating it.
   In this page I have some goals to accomplish.  I need info..... 

1)   I want to acquire information pertaining to the building of a Geo-mapping systems on stolen bicycles...
2)   I want info to fill in a community calender.  Bicycle rides....  And set it up so I do not have to look at 20 calenders....  I want them in one easy to go place.
3)   Bicycle shops and reviews.....  The good the bad and the ugly!
4)   Laws!  I think these are important to know.  I have heard of accounts where people get into an accident when it was not there fault.  The officer delivers them a ticket in the hospital after interviewing only the driver of the vehicle???  Well you can't expect the cyclist to be present if they are in need of medical attention right???